Boudoir As Art: Transforming Women into Timeless Masterpieces

Filed in: Artistic Boudoir Products  —  January 27


Every photographer has something that makes him or her unique. For myself, I consider my training as an artist and painter to be the thing that sets me apart. As an artist, it has always been important to me that my boudoir clients leave the studio with artwork. While I understand that in today’s digital world, women want digital photos, I also believe that artwork transcends time.

Art has the power to change the way we see the world. This is why I only sell handcrafted leather bound albums…there is no little black book option because I want your products to last over time. This is also why I print your photos in my studio using archival papers, inks and mat boards. I want the colors to stay true and your photos to be printed exactly the way they are edited.

This is why I use frames with UV protective coatings because I don’t want your images to fade over time if they are exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

This is also why I offer paintings as an add-on in my Boudoir Fine Art Collections. I love the process of interpreting a photograph with watercolor or acrylic paints. This is a collaborative process where we work together to select images that will translate into powerful paintings. Not only do you see the power of art, but you actually become art. Whether that artwork makes it to the walls of your home or stays in a drawer on your nightside table, your boudoir photographs are a reminder of your beauty, confidence and feminine power.

Here is what a recent client said about her hand crafted album, “One thing about having a physical album….at first I thought I didn’t need an album because we live in a digital age but there’s something about seeing the album….it is so classy and sexy…there is something about having this really nice quality album that really adds to the experience. Maybe one day I will actually put a photograph up on the wall…I never thought I’d say that!”

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