Boudoir Experience: The Story of Ms. D’s Boudoir Session

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Here is the Story of Ms. D’s boudoir session. When I read this it reminds me of how powerful a photo session can be. Ms. D’s journey into self-confidence and self-love is inspiring. Here is her story:

“I came in for my boudoir session because I wanted to do something commemorative for my 35th birthday. It’s somewhat of a milestone age for me.  Being single for many years had long been a source of shame, as I longed for partnership. This was especially present approaching 35 and telling myself a story about where I “should” be at my age and stage in life. It wasn’t until my work with a life-changing coach that I truly started to value myself by taking care of my body, mind, and soul. Allowing myself to grieve in my longing – in order to move through the pain and emerge in a beautiful new light of self-love. I came to a place of inner peace, and the pain and shame associated with being single was lifted from me like a magical exorcism.”

“It seemed perfect to gift myself a boudoir shoot for my 35th birthday – as a celebration of all that I am! So I started searching for photographers in the Bay Area. There was something special about Niki as I browsed through her gorgeous portfolio and website. I saw women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ages and stories. I could FEEL her love through her narrative as I read more about her… then we talked on the phone and that sealed the deal for me.”

“I knew Niki was going to be my photographer, but I had NO idea how much love, time and energy she would put into preparing me for my experience. I don’t even want to give too much away – because I think new clients should be surprised as I was on this journey. But I will say that what resonated most about Niki and her work is the theme of SELF LOVE that flows throughout everything she does. I was constantly reminded to honor my body as it is, to ask my inner critic to take a backseat, and to truly enjoy feeling amazing during this experience. Every aspect of preparation was taken into account, every question was answered, and every nervous bone in my body was calmed under her loving care.”

“I had a mix of emotions leading up to my session. There was a lot of negative self-talk going on and comparing myself to photos I saw of different women on the website. I had lot of anxiety and fear. But the shoot itself was a day I will never forget. Hair and makeup by Diana was exquisite and I felt like a complete goddess the entire time. From the moment I showed up at Niki’s beautiful home I felt cared for, special, doted on and part of the creative process to make my photo shoot everything I had imagined and more.”

“And that was just the shoot itself… the photos – OH MY GOD. Incredible. True works of art, in every way – Niki is an absolute master of her craft. I had some anxiety around coming back to see the photos wondering if I was going to like them. I already knew I was loving the way the photos were coming out because when we were shooting Niki shared the back of the camera. I was also really excited to see how the photos came out. I was in awe looking at the photos on the screen…I couldn’t believe that they were me, and I wanted to print every single one of them. They are so amazing! I love them…they are gorgeous! I now have these works of art as a reminder forever of who I am, my inner goddess shining through me on my darkest days. Niki gave me a gift I will never ever let go of.”

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