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We are thrilled that you’ve taken the first step towards a transformative journey with Her Story Images. Your decision to embrace your narrative through our lens truly resonates with our passion. We believe that each photograph is not just a snapshot, but a powerful statement in the ongoing story of your life, and we are profoundly honored that you’re considering us to help you shine a light on your unique chapters.

We can't wait to create art together, capturing your essence and empowering you to see yourself in a new light. You deserve this full-service boudoir experience, centered around what matters most to you, and we're here to ensure every detail is as perfect as your story deserves.

Rest assured, we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss how we can tailor this experience to reflect your individual narrative. Until then, may your days be chapters of joy and confidence, waiting to be captured in their most authentic and intimate form.

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Ms. C

They all came out beautifully and perfect. Niki captured my story. The innocence in pink. The sweetness in the wings. The bad ass in the black. The sexiness and beauty in all. I cried because all the insecurities I had made no sense. I truly realized I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am amazing. Thank you Niki for making me fall in love with myself."

I cried when I saw my photos. Tears of joy!

Ms. D

From the moment I showed up at Niki's beautiful home I felt cared for, special, doted on and part of the creative process to make my photo shoot everything I had imagined and more. And that was just the shoot itself... the photos - OH MY GOD. Incredible. True works of art, in every way - Niki is an absolute master of her craft. I now have these works of art as a reminder forever of who I am, my inner goddess shining through me on my darkest days. Niki gave me a gift I will never ever let go of.

true works of art, in every way

Mrs. C

Working with Niki is like working with a super talented friend and confidant! She explains every step and offers advice, which is so helpful and considerate, especially if you've never done this before. If you're looking for an opportunity to embrace and lift yourself up, to feel liberated, to do something bold and new, and you're looking to do it well...Her Story Images comes HIGHLY recommended! I'm so happy I decided to do this with Niki! The experience was well worth it!

I'm so happy I decided to do this with Niki!

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