Why I’m a Boudoir Photographer | An Insight Into My Story

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It’s hard for me to put into words why I became a boudoir photographer. People often say, “So you take sexy photos of women.” But that’s not really it. To me, boudoir photography is about connecting with your feminine power. It’s about seeing your own beauty, being in touch with your body and defining what “sexy photos” are for yourself. This is something I believe every woman deserves.

Clients always ask me, “How do you start shooting boudoir?” The funny part is that I had never even heard of boudoir photography, and I had no idea when I started a photography business that this would become my passion. I began as a high school senior portrait photographer, and a woman I knew casually asked me to photograph her. She was fifty-nine, working with a personal trainer, and was in the best shape of her life. She wanted to celebrate her hard work and honor who she was at that moment – a sexy, proud and beautiful woman. Collaborating with her to plan out the shoot and seeing her emotion when I shared her photographs with her was powerful. It helped me realize that boudoir photography is about so much more than sexy photos. It can be transformative.

A Piece of My Story

Recently (and without any planning) I decided that I should shoot some boudoir portraits of myself. This is not as easy as it sounds because it’s impossible to frame a photo when the camera is on a tripod and you are not able to see what’s through the lens. It’s also a challenge to hide the trigger which is what actually takes the picture when you are not holding the camera. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photography, so this was a great lesson for me in letting go of control and trusting myself. And it has been such a rewarding process. 

Through these boudoir self-portraits, I was able to capture myself and my body in ways that I do not normally see. While I wish I had the pampering of my make-up artist or a bit more thought put into my wardrobe choices, I love these photos because they document exactly who I am right now. For me, boudoir photography is a celebration of your body, your power as a woman and your authentic self. I love celebrating women and being a part of their journeys. Let me help you see just how beautiful you are.

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