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Ms. S Visits the Oakland Studio for Her 3rd Boudoir Session

Filed in: Sessions, Testimonials  —  January 27


Ms. S recently came in for her THIRD boudoir photo session in our Oakland Hills Studio! It was so much fun to collaborate with her again. Each time she comes in for a shoot, she reveals a bit more of herself.

“This is my third session with Niki and I decided to come back multiple times because I had so much fun through each session I’ve learned more about my self. It’s a great way to remember how you change and how you’ve grow as a person. When you feel more confident and do something that makes you happy it’s great to see how that creativity is expressed through art and photography…it’s pretty amazing!”

“I decided to do my first boudoir session a few years ago because I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I had just gotten done with a separation, and I wanted something to capture the moment in time where feeling liberated and going to the transition in my life that was very hard but very freeing. That entailed sensuality, feeling sexy, feeling confident and feeling empowered, all these things that were really hard for me, and I really wanted to be able to remember it at that time.”

“When I researched Niki, I could see she was about making women feel empowered and confident in their own skin, and that was something that I wanted. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s something very vulnerable and new and you just want to feel safe and comfortable. The best part about working with Niki is that she is very considerate, professional, fun and funny. She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and understands how it feels to be self-conscious of certain parts of your body. And she really gets to know your story. She understands that we all have a different story. Everyone has a different reason why they do a boudoir session and to really get to the bottom of that and capture that in photos is pretty amazing. To remember that experience is phenomenal because you remember how vulnerable you are but by the end you are having a great time feeling confident and empowered.”

“After my first boudoir session I put some of the photos on my night stand and some in my bathroom and one on my dresser. These are all the places when I wake up in the morning to get ready, and I can remind myself that on really bad days you can still feel beautiful.”

“I tell all my friends about doing a boudoir session…it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Especially working with Niki is such a liberating experience. In the beginning it’s kinda scary and you don’t know what to expect. But when you work with Niki, she makes you feel so comfortable. By the end of the shoot, you are trying to figure out new poses, you want to try on more outfits, and you are sad the session is over because it’s so much fun. And then you feel so confident and your soul is coming out into the camera, and you would never ever expect it!”

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